POP INTERVIEW: “Karate Kid” Sean Kanan Grows Up

You seen him just about everywhere... now Sean Kanan is reinventing what it is to be a multi-talented entertainer.

Sean Kanan is most famous for his Karate Kid III character and triple threat of multi-year soap opera roles on General HospitalThe Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless. If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s, he may be a familiar face to you from Lois and Clark, Who’s the Boss? or Walker, Texas Ranger.

Last year, he made an appearance on Desperate Housewives. With his family, HLN appearances, new acting ventures, standup at The Laugh Factory and web radio show, he is a karate chop away from being a new breed of actor, gaining from all that technology and modern media has to offer.

sean kanan

Do you still know how to do any of the karate you learned from Karate Kid III?
I have continued to study martial arts over the years. it is an important part of my life.

It’s so exciting how you are reprising soap roles from years ago. What crazy things do you hope your characters do in the years to come on each show?
I would very much like to explore AJ Quartermaine’s life during his seven year absence from Port Charles.

How do your children react to you being a daytime heartthrob? Are they bashful?
They are teenagers and as such are involved in there own world. They do get excited when I am able to take them to events where they can see actors and singers they like. They went nuts at a Smurfs 2 premiere where they saw Katy Perry.

I asked another person this and would love to hear your answer. How can soaps make a comeback with the lack of quality scripted television? Everything now is reality, and most reality television is not good.
We have seen a significant “culling of the herd” with regard to soap operas. I honestly believe that reality television unfortunately caters to the lowest common denominators of who we are as a society. I also believe that soap operas have continued to survive because audiences always respond to the drama and conflict that is inherent to interpersonal relationships.

As an actor, do you always trust your gut instinct, or have there been times when a director or co-star showed you a better way to interpret the script in rehearsals?
You have to refine the ability to trust your visceral instincts as an actor. The ability to make strong and informed choices is paramount. That being said, we work in a collaborative medium. There have been numerous times when direction from the director or another actor has elevated my performance.

How do you memorize long scripts in such a short amount of time? Speaking of soaps here as they are infamous on last minute rewrites.
The ability to memorize dialogue is a prerequisite for a soap opera. We shoot as many as 80 pages a day. Most films shoot seven or eight pages a day. I suppose it is a skill set that an actor refines as time goes on. I compare it to going to the gym. Over time and thru repetition an actor generally can memorize greater amounts of dialogue. Rewrites generally come a day or two prior to when we film that scene. Last minute rewrites are not very common.

You do write your own material as well and act in your own productions. What screenplay ideas are you playing with in your mind right now?
My wife, Michele, has written a hilarious comedy. We are focusing on getting that made right now. I am also working on my second book.

What can we see you doing in 2013 to 2014? (Sean…Promote the radio show and give the website, time, etc.)
I am very involved with my weekly radio show, which I co host with my wife, Michele. I have several comedy club appearances lined up. I am also a frequent guest on HLN’s Showbiz Tonight and FOX’s Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.

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