I  have seen enough hysterically horrific videos of this ride to never ever want to go on this thing. Just TRY not to laugh! In this episode, friends Carmarie and Kanya are certain they are about to die as they ride the infamous “Slingshot” ride, which has been a great provider of terror filled viral videos.

“God have mercy!” screams Kanaya, “help me Jesus I’m peeing on myself! She screams.Slingshot Terror

“Get me off of this thing!” yells Carmarie, in between what appears to be a few spells passing out. “Kanaya, I love you and you are my best friend. And if I die, tell my momma I love her.”
(Kanaya responds with something to effect of ‘If you die I’m dying’ too.’) Hilarious.

These two will have this moment for the rest of their lives. And thanks to the internet, so will we!

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