VIDEO: Mariah Carey’s Heroic Turn In Fantasy Game

Mariah Carey Game Of WarIn an unexpected turn, Mariah Carey is fronting new ads for a video game, with the help of her emotional anthem ‘Hero.’

Up to now I had been seeing so many ads for the mobile app “Game of War” featuring Kate Upton that I practically knew the lines myself, but with better delivery. (Although I have admittedly less centerfold appeal than her. Like considerably less centerfold appeal.)

But I digress. Now, in a funny take on the game, players embroiled in a fight to the death turn to their phones for help, only to hear Mariah Carey’s song ‘Hero’ pop up repeatedly along with the additional fighters.  Before long, Carey herself is in the battle, with all the smirk of someone who’s willing to have a little fun and collect a lot of dough in the process. God bless the person who had to manage the wind machine, perfectly tousled hair and make sure none of those extras on set made eye contact with her! (Okay, I’m not sure about that last part, but I’m pretty confident someone was closely managing the wind machine and hair extensions.)

Check out the spot, put together by the ad agency Untitled Worldwide.

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