BREAKING PIZZA NEWS: What You Need To Know Before Having Your Next, Delicious Slice.

A new study is out that determines whether blotting a piece of pizza with a napkin to absorb the grease really amounts to anything. It does, much more than you probably imagine. My enthusiasm about this story is in part because I’ve been on an all-fresh/raw juice diet all day and this is suddenly the only thing I can think about. But let’s get to the meat of the story. Ah…. pepperoni… Okay, I’m focused again… here goes:

A website called Labdoor (which I now will be reading regularly) brilliantly decided to see if it made any difference, and put together an infographic with the results. I’m posting PART of it here… but really to be fair, go visit the article in its entirety.

Pizza Infographic

Researchers used slices from a 14-inch Domino’s pepperoni pizza. Before dabbing, the slice was 117 calories. But after dabbing, it was 76.5 – cutting 40 calories and four and a half grams of fat. Pepperoni is a big grease producer, by the way… you’ve seen that swimming pool of grease collect when the edges of the pepperoni curls up – or in cases where the pepperoni stays flat – it just swims across the entire slice. I’m dying for pizza right now.

Americans eat about 23 pounds of pizza every year, amounting to about 87 slices! But if you blot, you’re shaving off enough calories that it’s as if you’re 66 slices per year.

Count me in!

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