Would You Eat at a Place Called “Wahlburgers”? Mark Wahlberg Is Betting on It!

Yes, it’s true!  The Wahlbergs are creating a restaurant!

But wait!  Before you’re wondering why Mark and Donnie are crazy enough to brand something called “Wahlburgers”, what you SHOULD know is that the two famous bros have a third brother, chef Paul Wahlberg!  And the restaurant will be his!

Wahlberg business partner Ed St. Croix gave his statement on the idea, saying “It just works…It’s a good-sounding brand we could put out the product with, a great name people could relate to.”

According to the BostonHerald, Wahlburgers is slated to open soon at the Hingham Shipyard in Massachusetts across from the trio’s Italian restaurant, Alma Nove (named in honor of the Wahlbergs’ mom and her nine kids).

But that’s not all!  If Wahlberg burgers and Italian food isn’t enough for you, the group is also planning to open a pizza place next spring!

Takeover of the Dirk Diggler food joints!

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