Mark Wahlberg Wants Entourage Movie By Next Summer!

While on the press tour for the movie Ted, Mark Wahlberg fielded some questions about an Entourage movie.

While on the press tour for the movie Ted, Mark Wahlberg fielded some questions about an Entourage movie. On The Dan Patrick Show, Wahlberg said, ” I want an Entourage movie by next summer, Doug Ellin is writing away now”.

Patrick asked him for a little morsel from the script, and while Walhberg did not give much,  only to say “I want the guys going out and acting crazy again”.

ot much to go on from the producer of the show and expected producer of the film but if that is the case you have got to think Ellin delivers a script by the end of the summer so they can get a movie out next year.

Entourage went on for eight successful seasons at HBO before signing off in 2011. Ever since its final episode producer Mark Wahlberg and Show runner Doug Ellin have talked about a film spin-off. HBO has found some success with such spin-offs thanks to two Sex and The City films. (Even though the most recent one was critically panned it did make just under $300 million on a $100 million budget.)

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