WATCH: Planet Earth is Back With This INTENSE “Great Iguana Escape.”

This is seriously the most suspenseful, dramatic, nail-biting video I’ve seen in a while. Even though the title suggests everything will be okay, this incredible video from the second installment of ‘Planet Earth’ is no less tense. A marine iguana hatchling is surrounded – quite literally by racer snakes, who hope to make this newborn a meal. This scene, shot in the Galapagos Islands, has never been captured with such intensity before. The video is below, then scroll down for a behind the scenes look!


Now, watch even more video – this time behind the scenes – of BBC Photographer Richard Wollocombe capturing snakes hunting as a group for the first time. That said, while the snakes are all hunting together – they are NOT helping one another. They all are after one thing – their own personal meal.

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