Check Out My First Appearance On THE TALK on CBS!

What a thrill to be on a show I’ve watched for years now! The experience was a whirlwind, so much fun, and I can’t wait to stop by again!


Part of the fun of going on a show you’ve never gone on before is that you can never truly don’t know what to expect. I wasn’t nervous about the topic because the producer had me completely clear on what would happen and how it would go down – the unexpected part would be more about what the environment would be like – what the energy would be like, etc.

Most of the talk shows I’ve been on are NYC based, so going to a studio lot in Los Angeles is doubly exciting.  But wait for it – the show is shot on the CBS Studio set where RHODA was once shot! (Okay this is what someone told me, so that’s fact checking enough for me.) So that is insane. So cool. History is really all around you on these sets.

The truth is, I will always be living through these experiences with the same awe of my ten-year-old self – so to be in Hollywood and picked up in a car and driven to a CBS lot to be on a TV show is a dream come true. Beyond. On top of that, every last person on the crew AND the show hosts themselves were truly amazing and kind and helpful.

Cut to being brought to a dressing room with your name on the door. It’s hard not to feel a little thrill seeing that someone goes to that level of trouble to make you feel welcome. Of course, there are plenty of people that are quite used to this sort of thing, but I don’t ever want to get to the point where that doesn’t make me feel special. It does. It’s a thrill.

From there I was briefed by the producer and greeted by all the people I would be meeting along the way. Sound and tech people, an amazing ,makeup artist who expertly hid my really blotchy skin, including a light bruise I had gotten on my cheek earlier in the week. (From my MMA training naturally.  😉  …kidding.)

From there, a short walk to the studio and I’m placed on the set. Seated between Sara Gilbert and Sharon Osbourne, we have about a minute or two before the segment as we’re in a commercial break. I made small talk (think, Brian think of something short and no stupid to say!) I mentioned to Sara that I am really hoping that the Roseanne reboot was going to come back. She made a ‘we’ll see’ expression and said ‘we’ll find out tomorrow.’ Sure enough, the next day it was announced that the show was coming back. So she clearly knew that, and was sweet for giving me the clue! Sharon was lovely and I spoke to her about the times I have met her son while collaborating with her production company on some things. Sheryl, Aisha and Julie were all lovely. And then came the segment. Fast and fun. The audience was great and enthusiastic, the lighting in that place is amazing, (Can I take all my selfies there?) And I got to take a quick pic with the cast, thanks to the EP John. He and I have so many colleagues and friends in common I feel like I’ve known him about twenty years.

The whole team was great, the morning was hugely fun, and then I was on my way! I hope to go back again.

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