FUNNY VIDEO! SNL Nails Their Parody Of Hallmark Channel’s Holiday Movie Marathon

“Whether she’s the girl from Party of Five or he’s the guy from Desperate Housewives, you’ll be asking, ‘Wait…How do I know that actor?’

By now you know Hallmark commandeers their schedule for the month of December, pulling The Golden Girls marathons in favor of an infathomable amount holiday made-for-TV films. (Watching the marathon is like eating McDonalds – no one brags about eating it but everyone has secretly done it .)

Watch as James Franco (playing Canadian heartthrob Chris Bearstick) shows up in more than one movie. “We got him to be in two of these for NO pay,” brags the promo!

This was cut from the show due to time constraints but it certain to become a viral hit!

In typical form, SNL nailed a lot of the subtle editorial nuances, including this ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ look at the Hallmark Channel’s holiday schedule:

Another one for the annual viral playlist!

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