FINGER LICKIN’ GOOD VIDEO: Guess Who The Saucy New Colonel Is?

2018 is definitely the year of the woman and the proof is seen in KFC’s newest Colonel choice! Reba McEntire, country music superstar, is the latest celebrity to don the iconic white suit and horn rimmed glasses. Her sassy song featured in the commercial is enough to make you want to giddy-up to the closest KFC to try their latest concoction.


In 2015, KFC began a campaign which brought different comedians, actors and other celebrities to the Colonel mantle. While some have been revered for their portrayals, others have been panned by fans (sorry Rob Lowe), but we now enter a new era with our first woman Colonel. Now that the door has been open to all contenders, we eagerly await the next celeb to be crowned Colonel Sanders.

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