SWEET VIDEO: “Ugliest” Rescue Dog Finds Beautiful Life

If you are having a rough week (it’s ONLY Tuesday?!) then be forewarned that this video may tug at the deeply buried heartstrings that will have you in tears in just seconds. Perhaps speaking from experience. Perhaps not. Bridgette, dubbed the “Ugliest Brussels Griffon,” got her second chance at life after being rescued at age 8. Her new mom says that Bridgette has had a rough life, and took almost two years to adapt to her new, happy home. Now that they are besties, however, the mom and pup are so connected that Bridgette can predict her owner’s moods. The 3 minute video reminds us that there is good in the world and that a little love can go a long way. I mean, aren’t we all just ugly Brussel Griffons looking for a home?! Take a look!


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