INT’L WEEKEND JAM: Jessie J. Crushes Celine Dion Cover in Chinese Singing Competition

I am really happy that Singer 2018 is not one of those Chinese competition/reality shows where contestants get airlifted from port-a-potties while pooping because Jessie J. is far too glamorous for that. Instead, the highly successful, Chinese competition show is like many other singing shows in that there are 14 singers who each perform with the hopes of surviving elimination and being crowned the Singer champion. The twist in this show is that all of the contestants are already hugely successful singers! This season, the familiar face from our side of the globe is the little Masterpiece herself, Jessie J. Not much is known about the other elements of the game because I haven’t brushed up on my Mandarin in some time, but what I do know is that Jessie has been killing it with her performances each week. This week’s cover was Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” which brings an even bigger emotional punch as the singer had to miss a competition week due to an illness which could have prevented her from competing further. The UK darling sings through those medical concerns and looks stunning as she belts out the karaoke favorite. Fans are saying she is the one to beat!

Take a look and listen at the clip below!


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