OBSESSED: 10 Reasons To Watch Season 10 Of RHONY

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What? I can’t be the only one who sits at my desk and fantasizes about what my Real Housewife tagline would be! Well, I probably won’t be holding a golden apple anytime soon, but I can still share in the excitement for season 10 of the Real Housewives of New York. You’d think after a decade of drama, the ladies would have lost a bit of steam, but it looks like this season will be even more exciting than the last. Here are 10 things that caught my eye in the season’s sneak peek:

  1. Tinsley is still dating Scott! While Tinsley had a lukewarm reception by both cast members and fans, it’s nice that someone is genuinely excited to see her. I predict that this season will show more layers to the socialite (seen when she finally lays into Sonja) and will become more popular with viewers.
  2. Sonja seriously tries to use the pickup line “are you sure you’re not bisexual?…if I buy you something, will you get sexual?” It is the cringe-equivalent of having your drunk uncle ask to pull his finger.
  3. Carole’s sexy, vegan chef boyfriend…or friend that’s a boy…or ex(?) has a new love interest! We knew the relationship took a “step back” last season, when Adam moved out of Carole’s apartment but this sounds like  a more official break up. Rip Radziadam.
  4. There is a trip to Puerto Rico to aid in recovery efforts after Hurricane Maria, which seems to bring a dose of reality to the reality show. With all of the millions of dollars circulating this particular clique of ladies, it is nice to see them aiding those who are going through a tough time. I always enjoy when the series takes a moment to get serious, and show the more charitable side of the wealthy.
  5. Carole runs the marathon she alluded to at the end of last season! The feat is an emotional accomplishment for her. That, or she caught the dreaded runners diarrhea. Either way, I’d be crying at the end of that race too.
  6. The housewives in every franchise, seem to love a themed party. This season’s looks to be a murder mystery set in the 20’s.
  7. Bethenny and Carole are feuding?!?!? Say it ain’t so! The pair became fast friends when Bethenny made her triumphant return to the show in season 7. The two were so tightly knit that the other cast-mates often felt threatened by the exclusivity of their friendship. We know Bethenny can quickly cut ties with a friend, just ask Jill Zarin, but this bond seemed so authentic that it will be truly be shocking if Carole gets dumped too.
  8. Dorinda’s drunk again. This season, however, Dorinda’s drinking is addressed and even called a “problem” by Bethenny. Is a dinner party even a party without Dorinda’s slurred speeches and flailing arms though?!?
  9. Perhaps I spoke too soon about the friendship of Jill and Bethenny. Jill’s husband Bobby, passes away  and we see Bethenny and Jill emotionally reconnecting over the devastation. Will this lead to Jill Zarin holding the golden apple next season?
  10. Saving the best (worst?) for last, Luann is arrested for drunkenly assaulting a cop. The aftermath, which includes a stint in rehab and potentially prison, will be played out on our tv’s. The Countess’ glamorous life has taken a turn for the worst, and her efforts to right her wrongs will be on display. Also on display, her mugshot, which I can only assume is being mass produced onto coffee mugs as we speak.

So there it is! Season 10 of the Real Housewives of New York seems to be another big bite in the Big Apple. Take a look at the trailer below.




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