POP JAMS: Halsey, John Legend, Calvin Harris And More Release New Singles Just In Time For The Weekend

There’s no sweeter sound than the last few ticks of the clock as it inches towards the weekend. Ok that’s not entirely true because the new music released today sounds way sweeter than any old clock…but what weekend wouldn’t be complete without some good jams?! Lucky for us, the 3 new songs that just dropped are perfect to keep the beat bumpin’ all weekend long.

Halsey ft Big Sean, Stefflon Don – Alone

Halsey killed it in every aspect with this one! A remix of the original song released a month ago, the first few seconds of this one will have your ears instantly perked with its soulful background vocals and upbeat rhythm. Halsey’s vocals are also impeccable…this girl can wail. The video is cool and funky, which is exactly what we want from the singer. The gorgeous, bedazzled jumpsuit might be what I want now too…The single is off of Halsey’s latest studio album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, which was released on June 2nd.


John Legend ft. BloodPop – A Good Night

Jesus Christ, superstar! There’s no stopping John Legend’s game right now. Fresh from his well-received, live, televised performance of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, Legend released a new single that is definitely going on the top of my weekend playlist. The song delivers smooth vocals and a strong, driving beat. There’s also a good message tied into the catchy tune that reminds us that everything really will be alright…and isn’t that exactly what we want to hear while bottomlessly brunching on Sunday? The video has Legend at the turntables of a nightclub anyone would want to be on the VIP list for. Fun fact for all the techies out there, the entire video was shot on a Google Pixel 2!


Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa – One Kiss

Ok this one is cheating a little but because there technically isn’t a music video for the song just yet, but Calvin Harris released a lyric video that is still pretty great! Close your eyes and click the song below….actually click the song first and then close your eyes…imagine this: there’s a summer breeze blowing onto an outdoor dance floor. The beat starts to thump. You worry that your linen pants don’t have enough give because you are about to get down to this electronica hit. Totally feasible right?! Dua Lipa’s vocals are the perfect for Harris’ uptempo track. It was only a matter of time until this collaboration happened because it feels like an obviously good idea. I think we will all be dancing to this one all summer long. Take a look (without judgement) at the lyric video below!


There you have it! Three playlist-worthy songs for that will keep you going strong all weekend long…even if all your weekend plans include are just a nude jumpsuit and a bedazzler…..





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