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April showers make for an excellent excuse to both stay indoors and stay on top of all things pop culture. You don’t want to be the one who shows up to work on Monday not privy to the big events of the weekend, only to have the receptionist laugh at you and then gather up the rest of the office to join in at your expense…it was one time Carol…To avoid workplace humiliation, I am here to give you a breakdown of the most exciting entertainment events this month. So let’s mark our calendars and put Carol in her place.

Television: (Click title for more info)

The Last O.GApril 3rd TBS at 10:30p EST

Jersey Shore Family Vacation April 5th MTV at 8p EST

Killing Eve April 8th BBC at 8p EST

The Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke Special April 23rd CBS at 10p EST

Dancing With The Stars: All Athlete Edition April 30th ABC at 8p EST

*Editor’s Choice*

Jesus Christ Superstar Live April 1st NBC at 8p EST

Why not start the month on a high note..? A little musical humor for you all. Jesus Christ Superstar Live looks like an amazing production, and something everyone will be talking about come Monday morning. There is a superstar cast with Sara Bareilles, Alice Cooper and, of course, John Legend who will portray Jesus himself. It’s no coincidence that the show takes place during the last week of Jesus’ life, and is airing on Easter Sunday. You will definitely need to crash after eating all those Cadbury Eggs, and what better way to do so then by catching this Andrew Lloyd Webber classic?

Movies (Click title for more info)

A Quite Place April 6th

Rampage April 6th

Duck Duck Goose April 20th

Super Troopers 2 April 20th

Avengers: Infinity War April 27th

Animal Crackers April 27th

I Feel Pretty April 27th

*Editor’s Choice*

Blockers April 6th

It’s pretty obvious that Avengers will sweep the box office this month, but there are other quality cinematic moments happening in April….like John Cena chugging beer through his anus in Blockers. This film looks hysterical and has great comedic actors. The aforementioned Cena, Leslie Mann, and Ike Barinholtz make the perfect comedic dream team as the unlikely trio who are trying to stop their kids from having sex on prom night. Rotten Tomatoes has already certified the film as “Fresh,” and Seth Rogen is one of the producers so you can pretty much expect a memorial night at the movies.



Behind The Curtain: Todrick Hall April 5th

Troy: Fall Of A City April 6th

Greg Davis: You Magnificent Beast April 10th

Spy Kids: Mission Critical April 20th

The Letdown  April 21st

Kevin James: Never Don’t Give Up  April 24th

*Editor’s Choice*

Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity April 6th

I am apparently a big Seth Rogen fan, as he is getting two shoutouts this month. You’re welcome Seth. Rogen is known for his outrageous humor and his latest endeavor seems to give us more of what we love. The Netflix special is a variety show that will feature a number of hilarious acts. Many special guests are in attendance with the list ranging from Tiffany Haddish to James Corden to The Muppets. With such heavy hitters I am sure the special will keep us in stitches.


Kylie Minogue Golden April 6th

Jason Aldean Rearview Town April 13th

Tinashe Joyride April 13th

Janelle Monae Dirty Computer April 27th

*Editor’s Choice*

Cardi B Invasion Of Privacy April 6th

Belcalis Almanzar what are we going to do with you? Ever since Cardi B stepped onto the scene with her “bloody shoes” fans can’t get enough of her. She certainly has the midas touch as every song she releases turns to gold. Even though she isn’t winning any Pulitzer Prizes for her colorful lyrics, the girl knows how to construct an ear worm that keeps everyone dancing. If her first single from the album, “Be Careful,” is any indicator of what to expect, it is safe to say fans will be pleased.

Broadway (Click title for more info)

Carousel Opens April 12th

My Fair Lady Opens April 19th

Children Of A Lesser God Opens April 11th

The Iceman Cometh Opens April 26th

Summer: The Donna Summer Musical Opens April 23rd

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Opens April 22nd

Saint Joan Opens April 25h

*Editor’s Choice*

Mean Girls Opens April 8th

I might be almost too gay to function because I cannot wait to see Mean Girls  on the Great White Way. The film, penned by Tina Fey, makes it’s transition to Broadway, and fans are like totally freaking out. Fey had a direct hand in bringing this musical to fruition as she wrote the book for the show herself. Previews have already begun, and word on the street is that the show is a hit. Don’t get slammed by the Regina George in your circle, check this one out!


Take advantage and make this month count, now that you have everything you need to champion through it! Suck it Carol.



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