VIRAL: ‘Baby Shark’ Has Finally Chomped Into The Top 40 On The US Billboard Hot 100 Chart

On June 17, 2016 the music industry was flipped on it’s head – the soon to be global phenomenon, ‘Baby Shark’ was released on YouTube and nothing has ever been the same since.

The Pinkfong! kids song was originally intended to help improve children’s motor skills by teaching them to use their hands to mimic different sharks (baby, mommy, daddy etc.). Which is weird because I was almost certain the repetitive song was intended to drive parents to a slow growing insanity. It wasn’t long until the song became a viral sensation and in 2018 a “Baby Shark” challenge was created. The song only became more popular when celebs like Ellen Degeneres, Cardi B, James Corden and Sophie Turner participated in the challenge.

After over 2 billion views on Youtube, the song is still wildly popular and was streamed over 20 million times just this past week. Because of this, “Baby Shark” has risen to number 32 on the US Billboard 100, right above Ellie Goulding and Little Wayne…I smell a “Baby Sheezy” remix in the near future.

It’s never too late to get behind a movement, click below to join the fray! Be forewarned, you may be wishing for a shark bite by the time this song makes it’s hundredth loop in your head the next hour. Enjoy!

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