Sneak Peek: ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Trailer Creates Crazy Internet Buzz

The internet always works best when it is frenzied about something good. And the trailer for Crazy Rich Asians is really good! To be clear, it’s good on many levels. The film looks like it will be good and entertaining. It is also good to finally see Asian representation in mainstream Hollywood. And that is making the internet yell “good!” My high school english teacher is rolling in his preverbal grave right now, seeing as I’ve used the same adjective 5 times in the same paragraph…it’s all good though!

Adapted from the Kevin Kwan novel, the film follows native New Yorker Rachel Chu, played by the amazing Constance Wu, as she accompanies her longtime boyfriend, Nick Young (Henry Golding), to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore. Nick has neglected to tell his girlfriend one little detail about his life…his family is filthy rich. Oh, and he’s also Singapore’s most desired bachelor. Nick’s mother expresses great disapproval of his dating choice and forces Rachel to jump through flaming hoops for her acceptance.

Obligatory side note…Constance Wu is AMAZING. You have probably seen her in the hit show Fresh Off The Boat, but I am a huge fan of her work in the perhaps lesser known Eastsiders. In one she plays an uptight, no nonsense mom, and in the other she plays an emotional actress who hits the bottle a little too hard. The two roles are drastically different, which further proves her range as an actor.

Fans of the book took to social media to express their joy in the proper representation in the casting choices for the film. Not only does the film have an all-Asian cast, it also has an Asian director, Jon M. Chu.

Mark your calendars for what I am sure will be a good time, and check out this film which hits theaters in August!


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