QUESTION: Would You Try This New Sonic Slush?!

Let’s get imaginative here. It’s a warm summer day and you’ve been playing beach volleyball with all of your besties. Even Jeremy, the cutie who is a friend of a friend but not sure how much of a friend he is to you even though you would love for him to be more than a friend…was there playing too. After a few tough games, and a charming 90 second convo with Jeremy, you all get into your cars and head over to Sonic for a some refreshing slush drinks. As you pull up to the drive in menu, your eyes dart directly to the slush section because by now you are parched. Maybe there is a classic cherry flavor that you know is tried but true. Or you can always go for that blue flavor that you can never quite identify. But maybe today you are feeling adventurous and you want to try something new. Something like their new PICKLE JUICE SLUSH?!?!

Yes that’s right, Sonic announced their four new slush flavors today which include¬†Tiger’s Blood, Blue Hawaiian, Bahama Mama and PICKLE JUICE. Incorporating pickle juice into beverage consumption is not unheard of as “Pickle-back Shots” have taken the bar scene by storm. I, for one, am not a fan of pickle so this might not be my thing, but I did wake up to a text message from a pickle-loving friend who was beyond exciting about this news. There’s a pickle for every jar I suppose. Do you think you will be swigging back Pickle Slushes this summer?