BUZZKILL: Fans React To First Look Of Live Action ‘Kim Possible’

Kim Possible. Someone needs to call her, beep her, page her, it’s ok, and let her know that fans are outraged by the concept of a live-action version of her hit animated series!

Back in February Disney announced that they were moving forward with their plans for a live-action film version of the Disney Channel Original Show which ran for 5 years. Kim Possible followed the eponymous teenager who juggled studies, high school drama and crime fighting. She served as the leader of a crime fighting squad which also consisted of her sidekick Ron Stoppable, his naked mole rat Rufus, and the 10-year old boy genius, Wade. Together they fought the evil Dr. Draaken and his sidekick She-go, on a weekly basis. The series proved to be very popular and received high regards for its demonstration of feminism to young viewers. The show was so popular in fact, it became the networks longest running series until 2012. All in all I’d say it was kim-possible to hate on this series.

Well it’s not the series fans are hating on these days, rather its the idea of the live-action film. On the day of the announcement Twitter nearly exploded with users expressing their disinterest in a film that could potentially ruin the perfection that was the animated series. Today Disney released a first look at what their live action Kim will look like with Sadie Stanley taking on the titular role. Once again fans took to Twitter to express their disapproval.


While there seems to be more hate than love at this particular moment, there are some fans who are praising the look of the young crime fighter.

I haven’t decided if I love this or hate this yet as I am unsure of how equipped I am to judge a 15 year old girl…but, what do you think? Will this film will be a the hit that serves justice to the haters? Or do you think cartoon Kim is the only Kim worth having? Share this with friends and see who you’re real enemies are!

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