There have now been two instances where a robot gifted with artificial intelligence escaped its laboratory. Two! And yet I still thought science should continue to push the experimental boundaries. Perhaps I spoke too soon because science has definitely gone too far with the invention of MAYONNAISE ICE CREAM!

The home of the bizarre new flavor is over in Scotland at ICE Artisan Ice Cream. I suspect that haven’t encountered a monster this controversial since Nessie over at Loch Ness. The ice cream shop took to Instagram to announce the new flavor and officially caused an all out war on the internet.


Understandably, many took to social media to express their disgust over the condiment-chaos.
Interestingly enough, there are some who are giving kudos to the condiment creation.

Please don’t let my nay-o of the mayo effect your thoughts on the flavor. Unfortunately the flavor is not available in the U.S yet, but I am sure it will be soon enough. What do you think, is this a flavor you’ll scoop up?