TRAILER: First Look At The Grim And Twisted ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’

The end is near. That’s debatable for us, but over on American Horror Story, the Apocalypse is well underway.

The eighth season of the hit FX show will combine the storylines from season 1’s Murder House and season 3’s Coven to depict a world that is on the brink of destruction. If you recall, at the end of season 1, the anti-Christ was born out after a copulation between a ghost and a human. Season 3 ended with the knowledge of witches becoming public information after a new Supreme witch took the mantle. The fusion of these two plot lines can definitely cause a magical meltdown that’s definitely worth tuning in for.

In the new trailer for the series, it seems like the world ends abruptly and a new reclusive society is formed. “Outpost 3” has rules that forbid the housemates from going outside due to the extreme radiation levels. It seems the end of the world came to an end due to something nuclear. There’s a lot of interesting (disturbing) imagery in the trailer that makes the season look like the most compelling yet. The trailer ends with Kathy Bates proclaiming “Hail Satan,” and I’m already terrified.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs on Wednesday, September 12 on FX. Click to see the trailer below!


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