HOLY SCHITT: The First Look At Season 5 Of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Is Here!

There are few shows that pick up momentum and actually become more popular as they age. Usually, a series will be at it’s most popular when it first premieres and then lose some steam by season three or four. In the case of the hilariously clever, Schitt’s Creek,  it’s popularity has only grown exponentially with each passing season.

Co-creator and one of the shows stars, Dan Levy, posted a first look of the highly anticipated fifth season. The series follows the Rose family as they cope with their new lives after losing their entire fortune and being forced to settle in the humble town of Schitt’s Creek. Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy, Chris Elliot, Jennifer Robertson and Emily Hampshire are all back to keep fans laughing with their zany antics. After last season, I am excited to see how the David and Patrick romance continues to blossom and eager to see if Ted and Alexis can finally get on the same page! Oh…and Moira’s wig game looks fiercer than ever!

Take a look at the clip below and get ready to watch this January 8th!


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