POP POLL: Which Popular Frito-Lay Snack Is At The Top Of Your List?

Twitter is divided! Which Frito-Lay snack is number one on your list?

There is a new controversy ripping through Twitter right now and it has left the internet divided. Is it political? Not this time. Is it about a popular celeb? No, Hollywood is safe for now. The ranking of popular Frito-Lay snacks by Twitter user @KevOnStage has everyone fried up…I mean fired up. Here’s what Kevín thinks:


He is so brave for coming forward with his opinion, even if it is wrong (we all know Cool Ranch outranks Nacho Cheese any day of the week). But this got me thinking, which Frito-Lay snack truly is most popular? Click below to cast your vote and see if your favorite really is the most popular!

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