Someone Made A Miniature Stage Model Of ‘Hello Dolly!’ And Performed The Entire Show With It

On a scale of 1 to 10 this gets a certified AMAZING!

Looks like the old adage “good things come in small packages” stands true…now if only my waistline would get the memo.

Jigao Willie Wu hosts a YouTube channel where he recreates musicals, movies and theme parks on a miniature scale and if you were ever forced to make a diorama in elementary school, you know just how challenging that could be. Wu’s models blow any childhood creation clear out the water though as his sets are fully functioning with moving tracks, high quality lighting, realistic props and even costumes. Most recently, Wu made a 1:12 scale model of the 2017 revival of the broadway classic Hello Dolly!. “This model was built to be 1:12 scale, and included lots of 3D printed details. The model was automated with tracks and fly bars to move sceneries. In this model I used a combination of actual theater lighting equipment and miniature led lights. The lighting was controlled by DMX signal,” he detailed. So…like no construction paper or glue sticks were used?

By the way, when I say Wu made a model of the show I mean he not only made a stage replica, he also ran through the entire show…set changes and everything! The entire construction/production took a year to complete, which isn’t even that long when you consider the amount of attention to detail that was required. The videos are seriously impressive and will leave theater lovers giving an applause that’s anything but miniature.

Check out the tiny show below!

Act 1 Part 1

Act 1 Part 2

Act 2

Load Out

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