Residents At A Care Home In England Have Recreated Iconic Album Covers During Lockdown

That’s one for the photo album.

The coronavirus has brought about a number of tough challenges for folks all around the globe but being quarantined in a care home for four whole months has to be among the toughest. With no visitors and no place to go it would be easy for the residents, as well as the caregivers, to give up hope. Well, entertainment manager Robert Speker over at Sydmar Lodge Care Home in Edgware, England found a creative way to keep hope rockin’ with his very photogenic residents and staff.

Over the course of the four month quarantine, Speker worked with some of the home residents and staffers to recreate iconic album covers. His reimagined covers include some of the biggest in music history such as Madonna’s “True Blue,” David Bowie’s “Aladdin Sane,” Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and Adele’s “21”…that’s right I am putting Adele in that league. The inspiring photos shared to social media are trending for all the right reasons. One Twitter user wrote “Calendar? I would buy one!” Another asked “do y’all take requests?” And finally one comment which rings truest of all read “This is what social media was made for.”

Check out some of the covers below!

To see more of Robert Speker’s work click here.

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