Randy Rainbow Wants You To ‘Cover Your Freakin’ Face’ In Hilarious New Parody

Is it really such a daunting task to wear a freakin’ mask?!

I don’t know about you but my preferred method of learning is through song. If they put the pythagorean theorem to the tune of the ABC’s I might have actually passed high school geometry. Well perhaps the board of education could take a few notes from Randy Rainbow because his latest viral video is teaching everyone an important lesson all to the tune of “Put On A Happy Face.”

The comedian’s latest post tackles the unreasonably controversial subject of wearing a mask during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While I’m not entirely sure why there are people who want to put their health and the health of others at risk, Rainbow uses his signature style of comedy singing to ask everyone to sincerely “Cover Your Freakin’ Face.” The video takes place at a presidential press hearing where Trump speaks about his refusal to mask up which leaves Rainbow with no choice but to burst into song. Wasn’t it Newton that said “Singing is fundamental”?

The over 3-minute video is filled with hilarious quips to the president such as “so back up gurl, don’t get in my space and cover your freakin’ face.” And this friendly reminder, “it’s not taboo, think of your poor old ailing nana she’s counting on you.” The list goes on and on but the message is clear, wear a mask!

Check out the hilarious video below!

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