VIDEO: Bridesmaids Outtakes Will Crack You Up.

The outtakes from the film Bridesmaids are very funny! You know how some movies smack some clips of the stars goofing off, dancing and making faces during the credits, and the only thing it succeeds in doing is making you think they're overpaid for horsing around? This isn't like that. Seeing them try not to laugh at one another is really amusing.

Drunk Girl Offers Sage Advice During Hurricane Irene

This reporter at WJZ in Baltimore should have suspected that this interview might go south... after all, the woman walking by basically walked into the shot, and when he asked her "Tell me what you're doin'" - her response was "I'm gettin' drunk!" He continued the interview nonetheless, where she offered some sage advice for those facing the storm. (note implied sarcasm.)