CUTE and FUNNY VIDEO: Two Dogs “Skyping”

Gaytor, a fox haired terrier, apparently loves to 'chat' with other dogs, so when his owners want to reward him, they pull up a video of another dog howling, and he howls back. The end result? It looks like they're skyping. Now it's going viral like crazy.

VIDEO: Dog and Pig Playing. Because.

On tonight's dessert menu, a tasty little piece of video that's simply this: A dog, and a pig, playing together. Passionately. No animals were harmed in the making of this video... but there was likely a lot of slobber.

VIDEO: Dog Has Serious Static Issues

This dog is adorable... but this place needs a humidifier. The dry air, along with an extensive rub from what looks like a fleece blanket yields an incredibly hair raising result! No dogs were harmed in this video. Just embarassed.