HYSTERICAL NATURE VIDEO: Penguin Turns To Life of Crime.

As male penguins build a nest to attract a female, some penguins, too lazy to do the work, steal from others. Watch as this one guy hobbles back and forth from his neighbor's den, as the other penguin seems completely oblivious, going and finding stones to add to his pile - only to have them taken away each time.

CAUGHT ON TAPE! Unexpectedly Badass Woman Takes The Law Into Her Own Hands.

Monique Lawless, a shopper at a San Antonio Walmart, saw three kids steal beer and leave the store. Fed up, she told the checkout clerk to watch her purse while she ran out and opened up her own special can of whoopass - Jumping on the windshield and hood of the car. They sped away, leaving her on the ground - but the drama wasn't over yet! Watch...