VIDEO: Witness A Zen-Master Break Up A NYC Subway Fight While Eating Potato Chips

It’s a scary thing to envision a fight on a New York City subway.  As evidenced by this video, it could break out between anyone in any situation.  But within those incidents come moments of heroism, some by men who really like potato chips.

The video below has been taking the web by storm over the last week, due to what seems to be a Master of Calmness.  The nameless Yoda helps a woman break up a fight between a woman and her accused stalker by nonchalantly stepping in between the two.  He doesn’t say a word, and he continues eating his chips!

Check out the video below, and wonder if you’d have the guts to do the same.  And what would you be eating while you were doing it…

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  1. WOW!!!!!

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