AVENGERS Spoiler Alert: Is Tony Stark Building Avengers Tower?

While everyone is looking forward to the Bluray/DVD release of THE AVENGERS, you may be surprised to find out there is one major Easter Egg in the film that has been completely  overlooked!
When we left our group of superheros at the end of AVENGERS, the top of Stark Tower was completely destroyed, with only the halfway destroyed “A” of the STARK logo left hanging on the side of the building. 
Many smiled at the little nod (obviously the A stood for Avengers, right…?), but what they might have not realized was that in the prior scene where Tony is looking through blueprints, he is planning on building the new “Avengers Tower”!You can check out the screenshot (courtesy of WorstPreviews) below and see the label in the lower right hand corner.  All I ask is that you try to contain your excitement for AVENGERS 2…you have three years to wait…