If you’re a Downton Abbey fan, you already know that the palatial setting is a real life 200 room home, with real life residents. Not only is Highclere Castle in Hampshire used for exterior shots of Downton Abbey, but also most of the interior filming

Now HGTV is going inside to get a closer look at these beautiful spaces – AND some you don’t see on the show.


SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN FOR THE VIDEO!! And scroll down for stills of this amazing manor.

Castles on Camera: Royal Residences on TV premieres January 4 at 9p EST.

Above, and below…the staircases have a regal view from all angles.

A true sign of wealth is a magnificent library… but how you get there REALLY sets you apart.

Check out this cool hidden bookcase door!

Gotta love this fireplace… but did you know about this secret room? I’m guessing you didn’t! You’ll hear more about it on the show.

Finally… check out the video preview! If you can’t see a video box here, CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE HGTV.COM site and watch.

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Full disclosure: I did not work on this show, but I do work on shows for HGTV. And yes, it’s totally fun.