All you fans of Snooki, The Situation, Ronnie, and the rest, get ready!  The crew of the Jersey Shore is being taken out of their local grounds and thrown all the way back to where their guido ancestors started: Italy!

TMZ reports that show producers have already lined up some of Vinny’s Italian relatives to host crew one night for dinner.

However, not everyone is happy.  A rep for UNICO, a massive Italian American interest group, tells TMZ they’re furious, comparing the group to freaks:

“People used to go to the circus to see the freak show – that is what this will be.”

The rep says that Italy will gain nothing, and producers only want to make the country look bad:

“It will not only hurt Italians but all Americans … their outrageous, reprehensible behavior will make us look like buffoons and bimbos.”

UNICO was the first group to call for a boycott of the show, claiming it’s a “denigration” of Italian Americans.