Charlie Sheen Takes Aim At Jon Cryer.

Sheen continues his rampage over his dismissal from “Two and a Half Men.” The actor has now taken aim at his co-star, Jon Cryer.

He tells EOnline:

Jon has not called me. He’s a turncoat, a traitor, a troll. Clearly he’s a troll,” said Sheen. “He issued a statement. Is it gonna take me calling him a ‘traitor, juvenile and scared’ for him to get it?”

In fact, Cryer has not yet released a statement on the situation. The only public commentary he has made since the debacle began was to appear in a comedic skit on “Ellen” where he was portrayed as a member of Ellen’s production team, answering phones. A web faker pretended to be Cryer recently and issued a faux statement, but that’s it.

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