Charlie Sheen Winning Again? New Show Sells Out Ads For First Four Episodes.

Charlie Sheen's next act is looking promising - ad least as far as advertisers are concerned.Check out how much the show is costing to make - and how much they're already bringing in!

Charlie Sheen’s next act is looking promising – ad least as far as advertisers are concerned.

The Hollywood Reporter has seen the numbers on the upcoming Sheen sitcom Anger Management which has been commissioned by FX network – and the numbers are good – ads are selling a the highest rates FX has ever seen for a first-year series. THR also reports that the series has sold the syndicated rights to the show “in Canada, Latin America, Germany, Scandinavia and Australia for roughly $600,000 an episode, more than what established sitcom hits Seinfeld and Sheen’s own Two and a Half Men commanded out of the gate.”

Sheen has already been on somewhat of a mea culpa tour as of late, admitting that his behavior after his Two and A Half Men ouster was bizarre and less than the victory lap he claimed it to be. But despite his strange behavior, it hasn’t dissuaded possible viewers from considering him on a sitcom again – not by a longshot. A recent TV Dailies survey listing Anger with the highest intent-to-view of any summer series.

FX is also getting the show on cheap. THR says “Anger‘s 10 episodes will cost in the neighborhood of $10 million total, significantly less than the $1.3 million to $1.6 million an episode that a first-year multicamera sitcom typically costs.”

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