Anger Management

Charlie Sheen: “I’m Not Crazy Anymore” But Does Anyone Believe Him?

Charlie Sheen has had one hell of a year. He went on binges with prostitutes, drunks and alcohol, he got kicked off his own show, and he went on a country-wide tour with a stage show that solidified the fact that something was wrong up there. But after all that, Sheen now says he’s back to reality!

VIDEO: Serena Williams Goes Off.

Serena Williams lost the U.S. Open this weekend in a heated match. But while sports highlights usually showcase video of the winning moment, this time, all people can talk about is the earlier code violation that led her to a rage-filled rant at the chair umpire.

VOTE: Where Should Charlie Sheen’s New Show Air?

"it might be a big stretch for me to play a guy with serious anger management issues..." These words, as expressed by Sheen in a statement announcing a new TV show for the actor, sum up what may be Sheen's saving grace... an ability to recognize that he is, in fact, more than a bit irrational. Now the lightning rod and former Two and A Half Men star confirms he has a new project on the docket.