WINNING: Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management” Gets Renewed For Another 90 Episodes

Charlie Sheen really is the man that will always win.

Charlie Sheen really is the man that will always win.

Originally, FX Networks ordered a simple ten episodes of Sheen’s new series, “Anger Management” with a deal that if the show met ratings expectations, it would trigger an automatic order for the additional episodes.

FX announced yesterday that those expectations have been met and greatly surpassed, with “Management” bringing in an estimated 4.53 million viewers per episode, and holding the record for the most-watched sitcom premiere in cable history with 5.74 million viewers!

So what does that mean?  An instant order for another 90 episodes!  Executive Vice President of FX, Chuck Saftler, explains:

“We set a very high ratings bar that included some additional hurdles for ‘Anger Management’ to earn its back-90 order and the series met and exceed those metrics…Charlie Sheen and the entire cast did an amazing job in the first 10 episodes, which were produced in a very tight window. I have no doubt that the producers and cast will be able to pull off the Herculean task of producing 90 episodes over the next two years.”

Sheen told The New York Times that “Anger Managment” is his “swan song”. And if the ratings hold for the next two years, it will be one hell of a song to be singing on the way out…

Production on season two of “Anger Management” begins on September 24.  Look forward to new episodes on FX in January.

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