Angus T. Jones Will Not Quit “Two And A Half Men”, But Will He Be Phased Out By Season’s End?

Has Angus T. Jones just committed career suicide?

Has Angus T. Jones just committed career suicide?

After a controversial video of the teen trashing his hit CBS sitcom appeared on YouTube, many were wondering what repercussions would be coming his way.

E! Online is now reporting that while Jones will finish out the current season, if the show is renewed, top executives plan to faze him out completely by this season’s end.

The swift change doesn’t seem like it would be a huge blow to ratings, as Jones’ character, Jake has already been absent for most of season ten after enlisting in the army.

Sources say that Jones feels absolutely awful that he caused problems for his cast and crew, especially after everything that happened with former co-star Charlie Sheen.  However, the same sources also say that if he had it his way, he would have liked to quit after last season, but family convinced him that it would be stupid to walk out on a possible $15 million contract.

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