Tim Tebow Passes Up CBS Analyst Gig

Denver Broncos phenom Tim Tebow has passed up an invitation from CBS to be an in-studio analyst for this weekend's AFC Championship Game. An NFL source may indicate at least part of the reason.

Ashton Kutcher Bares All…Constantly…on “Men” Set

If you watched the season premiere of "Two and a Half Men" with Ashton Kutcher, you might have noticed that when he came down the stairs naked near the end of the episode, the audience cheers and laughs were...more than usual. It turns out that's because the actor was really fully naked in front of the crowd!

Drunk Girl Offers Sage Advice During Hurricane Irene

This reporter at WJZ in Baltimore should have suspected that this interview might go south... after all, the woman walking by basically walked into the shot, and when he asked her "Tell me what you're doin'" - her response was "I'm gettin' drunk!" He continued the interview nonetheless, where she offered some sage advice for those facing the storm. (note implied sarcasm.)

VOTE: Where Should Charlie Sheen’s New Show Air?

"it might be a big stretch for me to play a guy with serious anger management issues..." These words, as expressed by Sheen in a statement announcing a new TV show for the actor, sum up what may be Sheen's saving grace... an ability to recognize that he is, in fact, more than a bit irrational. Now the lightning rod and former Two and A Half Men star confirms he has a new project on the docket.