Is Robin Williams Heading Back to Television?!

Could Robin Williams be Returning to Television?

It has been a very long time since multi-talented, Oscar award-winning actor Robin Williams headlined a series.  (About three decades, to be exact…)  But now, we may be getting our weekly dose of the legendary comedian once more!   

New York Magazine is reporting that David E. Kelly (creator of “Boston Legal”, “Ally McBeal”) is hard at work with CBS to build a single camera comedy with Robin Williams as its star. The show would be set in an ad agency with Williams as an ad executive who works in the same office as his daughter.

Williams has done plenty of single episode spots over the last few years, appearing on everything, from “Louie”, to “Law and Order: SVU” and won a Golden Globe for his work on “Mork and Mindy”.  Whether or not this rumor proves to be true  is to be determined, but getting to watch Robin Williams act like Robin Williams once a week for a full television season is an exciting proposition for both CBS and fans alike. 

In the meantime, check out William’s hilarious interview on “Inside The Actors Studio”, as well as some of his best moments as Mork.

Nanu nanu!

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