Girl’s Drunk-Dial Voicemail Becomes Viral Sensation. Somewhere A Woman Is Still Single, But Now Mortified.

You had a great night. You had too much to drink. You met someone you really liked.  You exchanged numbers. You left.

Then, on the way home you drunk dialed them and left a lengthy message.

Then your world collapsed.

That’s the story of a woman who made the mistake of declaring her drunken sloppy love on a guys voicemail. He transcribed it and turned it into a youtube video, along with the voicemail  … in all its mortifying, cupload o’ crazy awfulness. Now it’s a viral sensation.

Trouble is – the guy who got the message? He claims he never went out that night. Did she leave all that at the wrong number??? Either way, very soon she’s going to want to leave the country.

Let this be a lesson to all of us… no matter HOW badly we want to call… wait!

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