CRAZY BUT TRUE VIDEO: Not Sure If This Mom Took Her Five Year Old To A Tanning Bed? The Truth Is All Over Her Face.

Krentcil, a New Jersey mom facing child endangerment charges, denies putting her five year old in a tanning bed at a local tanning salon. It's impossible to watch this video and not be biased by her face, which has been tanned into oblivion.

“I tan,” says Patricia Krentcil. “No sh*t,” says America.

Patricia Krentcil, a New Jersey mom, is facing child endangerment charges for allegedly putting her five year old in a tanning bed at a local salon. You wonder if she did it? It’s impossible to watch this video and not be biased by her bizarrely weathered face, which has been tanned into oblivion.

She and her husband (whom I’d REALLY like a look at, btw) say that when their daughter was playing outside, she got a sunburn. The young girl’s school nurse claims the girl told her she went tanning with her mom.

Say’s Krentcil in this quotable:

“She’s my little girl! I mean, I’m not gonna bring MY little daughter into a 90 degree bed! I mean, that’s not normal.”

Sure seems like a rational woman to me. Yeesh.

Sure, the girl may actually have gotten a sunburn outside, (she’s fair skinned, after all) but what’s almost as appalling as the mom’s tan is the fact that she can’t seem to understand why anyone would think she would do such a thing!! Clearly she’s got some issues and doesn’t seem to notice that she looks completely ridiculous.

For the record, it’s illegal for anyone in New Jersey under the age of 14 to go tanning in a tanning salon.

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