Who Wears The Pants In Leah Remini’s Family? The Kid.

Leah Remini, formerly of the CBS sitcom “King Of Queens” and now of the CBS chat show ‘The Talk” is pretty clear. Her six year old daughter Sofia is boss. Or is it spoiled?

The New York Post’s Sean Daly always gets good dish from celebs, and this interview was no exception…

I would love to adopt… As Sofia gets older, I have broached the subject with her a few times. And she keeps saying ‘No, I don’t want a brother. I don’t want a sister.’

“I will say, ‘But Sofia, it would be really good of you to give a child a home. Mommy and Daddy have enough love for you and the other baby.’ And she just says, ‘Nope. Don’t do it, Mom.’ ”

I dig Remini’s no B-S delivery. But I’m surprised this girl has the upper hand! If Sofia’s reign of terror continues, she’ll likely driving by the time she’s eight. I’m guessing she already has a cell phone.

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