VIDEO: Lola Dismisses Madonna In Promo Video

Madonna and daughter Lola just posted a video to discuss their nationwide casting call for the next "Material Girl" model. And while they're clearly mocking their mom/daughter relationship, you get the real sense that Lola has the part of ignoring her mother's rants down pat.

PIC: Another Dad Gets Facebook Justice On His Kid.

Yet another parent has gotten revenge on their kid for getting too cocky on facebook. In this case, the teen had used some grandiose 'street' talk to describe himself. The father happened to walk by and see his kid's facebook account open, and had a little fun at his son's expense. And again, justice is served. The picture speaks for itself:

VIDEO: Dad Gets Revenge On Daughter’s Facebook Post Slamming Parents.

You will either love this or hate this. A dad who found a parent-bashing post on his daughter's facebook page gets back at the girl by taping a video response to all her gripes, then posts it on her facebook page for all her friends to see. Watch as he reponds to her claim that she shouldn't have to clean the house, since they 'have a cleaning lady for that.'