Is Morgan Freeman Engaged To His Step-Granddaughter?



The National Enquirer reports that 74 year old Morgan Freeman will marry his 27 year old granddaughter E’Dena Hines.  Now before you go all ‘the  National Enquirer?!?’ –  keep in  mind that the couple has been rumored to be having an affair for more than ten years. (Do the math there… Woody Allen may have to share his infamous notoriety.)

Freeman’s current wife reportedly filed for divorce as a result of the long affair. E’Dena Hines is not his blood daughter, but yeesh: E’Dena is the granddaughter of Jeanette Adair Bradshaw, Morgan’s first wife, but she was raised by Morgan and Myrna since she was  very young.  Morgan adopted E’Dena’s mother, Deena, who is Jeanette’s biological daughter.

Remember this little gem of a story when you’re at your next Thanksgiving and think that YOUR family is screwed up.

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  • Morgan your hands would make a much better partner. You are a sick man.I remember reading about this,and if it’s true you should be ashamed.What are you doing.Buy the child some leggos and move on.What were you doing when she was a 9yr. old.

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