WATCH: Stephen Colbert’s Touching Tribute To His Deceased Mother

Stephen Colbert took a break from jokes and satire on his Comedy Central show 'The Colbert Report" to honor his late mother Lorna, who recently died at the age of 92. The show had taken a break for him to mourn the loss, and this was his first show since coming back. It's that much more touching to see someone who is usually so 'on' and wisecracking suddenly be so genuinely loving and sincere.

FUNNY: Will Ferrell Answers Phone When Journalist’s Mother Calls During Interview

As if we needed more examples of Will Ferrell being awesome! The hilarious actor was giving an interview when a phone started vibrating at the table, and the name popped up "MOM." That was all Will Ferrell needed to make himself the coolest guy in the room. The sweet (albeit one-sided) conversation has gone viral.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Son Shows His Mom Video Of Her Sleepwalking. Hilarious!

A young guy who also happens to be a video blogger caught his mom sleep walking... well, also sleep-dancing, and talking about tomatoes while in a drowsy stupor. The next day he showed her the video, and videotaped her response. She's mortified, and an incredibly good sport, since both of them are laughing through the embarassing horror of it all.