Cissy Houston On Whitney: She Was Taught. She Knew The Way.

Whitney Houston's mother says her daughter was raised well, but made choices that took her down the wrong path.

Remembering Whitney

Whitney Houston’s mother says her daughter was raised well, but made choices that took her down the wrong path.

“I think that good mothers and good fathers and good families don’t always have great children. Bad people have good children. It’s all their responsibility when they get to certain age to choose their way. She (was) taught, she knew the way,”

Cissy is opening up about her daughter in her new book, “Remembering Whitney: My Story of Love, Loss, and The Night The Music Stopped”.

Still, she isn’t above wondering if she could have done something differently. In one passage, she refers to her own feelings of guilt. “Nippy,” a nickname she used for Whitney “was better than anybody I know at keeping her stuff private — at least, private from me.” She later continues: “I’m still so angry — at Nippy, at the world, at myself. There are days when the questions just consume me … Was I a good mother? Was I too hard on her? And the worst one of all — could I have saved her somehow?”

Cissy Houston doesn’t blame Whitney’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown, for  her daughter’s troubles outright, but she doesn’t hold back about an incident which she believes was physical abuse. She talks about visiting Whitney in the hospital after her daughter needed surgery for a two inch gash in her cheek, which she suffered while on a cruise with Brown.

She writes that Whitney and Bobby “swore up and down later that it was just a freak accident,” related to Brown slamming his fist down while “acting out about something,” sending a piece of china flying.

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