POP Video: HARRY POTTER Films Its Last Scene

After eight movies and ten years of all of our lives, the HARRY POTTER saga is coming to a close in less than three months.  And after everything we’ve been through with the HARRY POTTER cast, this was a nice little treat from ABC Family.

The last shot ever for Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson was not an epic fight scene or a dramatic cry, but something as simple as a run and a jump onto a mattress in front of a green screen.

As you will see, the production crew knew that the day would be an emotional one for everyone involved, and let the last day be something simple.  And for us, as HARRY POTTER fans, it also bring a bit of a sense of closure to be let in on the final moments of those shots, and hear those famous words, “Check the Gate”, knowing that that really is it for something that literally defined a generation.

Check out the behind the scenes footage below, and let us know what your best HARRY POTTER memory is.


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