Red Riding Hood Fails To Make Much Green

A movie based on the children’s story “Little Red Riding Hood” didn’t kill at the box office this weekend, (Bringing in a mere 14 million or so) despite a major marketing campaign and red-hot it girl Amanda Seyfried in the starring role. Maybe it’s the fact that people are pretty well familiar with the story (or at least think they are.) Did people write it off as Hollywood officially running the idea well dry? Maybe not. Some analysts say that werewolves don’t bring in the cash like other creatures do:

Says Box Office Mojo:

Werewolves (sans vampires) haven’t been terribly popular at the box office, so it was always unlikely that Red Riding Hood would replicate the success of the two movies that inspired it: Twilight (despite being from the same director, Catherine Hardwicke) and Alice in Wonderland. The marketing campaign for Red Riding Hood, which received a profuse push on Thursday’s American Idol, focused on a barrage of different taglines (“It wants her,” “The truth will tear her apart,” etc.) and the mystery of who the wolf was, yet it didn’t show the wolf nor provide the context for why people should care.

It could be that Warner Brothers isn’t so worried. The movie only cost about 42 million to make, an amount they will likely recoup quite easily within a few weeks.

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