Video Of Tsunami Dog Reunited With Owner Becomes Touching Symbol of Heartbreak And Hope.

A dog named “Ban,” which had been found floating hopelessly on a roof for three weeks following the tsunami in Japan has become an unlikely symbol of both the devastation and the hope there.

The video has no words, no reporter offering the storyline… and yet the emotional reunion between the dog and its owner is keeping the story in the headlines and rising up the viral video charts.

Its rescue by the Coast Guard in the sea off the coast of Kesennuma, Japan captured the world. In this reunion video, the woman is overjoyed, but her face mask is a reminder that her struggles are far from over.

Certainly, one story about a dog and it’s owner can never appease all the devastation and fear that still remains there. But in a place where happy endings are hard to come by, it’s nice to see two souls able to savor this moment of celebration.

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